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Old Family Photos  

 If you think you're going to see old Venter family photos only, think again. Here are some other "interesting" photos too. The term "Old Family Photos" in this context refers to old photos that I have, taken by my family. Several different themes...

 Creating Apartheid...
 I took these photos of Sebokeng, when the town was being built during the late 1960's and early 1970's. I was still a very young kid at the time and did not understand what is being done. Photos may also include Evaton and Boipatong/Bophelong. These photos are unique. This is the first time that I am sharing them. By the way, I own the copyright on these photos... I don't mind you using them, as long as you give me credit against the photos you use, by stating "Obtained from Christo Venter @, used with limited permission".

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This is a photo taken from the Ditabaneng Bottle Store's 1st floor (Zone 13), Sebokeng. As you can see, nothing yet. The town is still being prepared. Many Black people have already been relocated to surrounding areas. People were relocated from Meyerton, De Deur, Vereeniging area etc. It was not a nice time. Even today, there are graves in Meyerton, belonging to the Black community. Very dilapidated, last that I've seen. Not sure whether it is still there. And the oak tree, where the community beer hall was, still stood until very recently. Today, the area is an industrial area. As an Afrikaner, I believe this should somehow be given back to the original occupants, just like we wanted our life back from the English, after the Boer War.
This is a photo of the road towards the Ditabaneng Bottle Store. "Hard" liquor as well as sorghum beer were sold here. The Sorghum beer was later branded as "Big S" beer. I still have some of the artefacts.
This photo was taken from the top floor of the Ditabaneng Bottle Store. This is where the Sorghum Beer vessels were kept. There were three stainless steel vessels, but I cannot remember how many hectolitres each contained.
This photo is also taken from the top floor at the Ditabaneng Bottle Store. As you can see, lots of little matchbox houses are now visible.
This is the photo of the Ditabaneng Bottle Store garden. You may ask why so many photos of this place? My dad used to manage it (as well as several other outlets). This was his attempt to at least make the place representable for the community.
This is a photo, taken by my dad, of me, standing in the Ditabaneng Bottle Store garden.
I can't remember the name of this outlet. I think it was called Bophelong. Anyway, this was located a couple of kilometres from the then Administration Head Offices, on the road towards Vanderbijlpark, and was located in an area where migrant men were housed, also known as "hostels". (Kept is probably a better word).
This might be the view from another side of Ditabaneng Bottle Store. I can't remember. However, most outlets were built exactly the same, from the same building plans.
This is a photo of an outlet in Zone 11, in Sebokeng. Only sorghum beer was sold here. On the first floor, the stainless steel vessel containing the beer, is visible. You can see me next to the pickup truck.
A photo of another liquor outlet.
 World War II Photos
 I cannot elaborate on any of these. Unfortunately, I only have the photos, not the history behind them.

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 Old Venter Photos In My Possession
 Maybe you recognise some of these?! (More to come)

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