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Venter Facts and Fiction  
What is the Truth?  

 This is the more difficult part of it all. Do I just list Facts and Fiction, or do I show where and who posted this information?

 The first advice is to be very doubtful of genealogical sites, or where people publish their ancestry online. Simply because you don't know where they got their information from, and whether they have verified its accuracy. Simply quoting sources is no guarantee that the information is correct. And you really can't "trust" many of the authors who have published "authoritive" books, particularly before the 1990's, when information and databases were not as available as they are now. This is not limited to your own ancestry or family name. It includes the "in-laws".

 Having said this, you should definitely look at the "in-laws" of your family and what they say. Not surprisingly, they may tell you more about your family than what your own family is prepared to disclose. And in many instances, the "in-laws" may have information and sources that your own family don't have.

 And to confirm my suspicions about the quality of the work published by Pama, read an extract published 14 April 2010 by eGSSA (Genesis 26, P4). There they confirm that Family Crests published by Pama were mostly incorrect and that N.H. Theunissen "thumb sucked" them! )

 I cannot emphasise it enough. Verify, check and re-check your information, firsthand! To find "real" information about the Venter family, go to the Venter Community

 The Myths listed, are in no particular order...

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Other Facts (and can you count?)

Hendrik Venter had ten (10) children, not nine. One from the first marriage and nine from the second.

Work it out for yourself, also: When he died, his estate recorded nine under aged surviving children. This excluded Anna Sebina, because she was already married by then.

By the time Hendrik's wife and his daughter Anna Sebina died (shortly after his own death), there were only six children left: Bonifacius, Pieter, Cornelia, Maria, Jan Hendrik and Frederik. (And we know that  Bonifacius survived the smallpox epidemic, since he was recorded in the tax returns of 1738)

Slave trade:
Hendrik bought Jacob, aged 27 (from Madagascar) on 1 May 1690 for 90 Rijksdalers, from Jacob Rootstein. (Cape Slave Deeds TN&S)
Hendrik sold Jacob, aged 34 (from Macassar) on 13 Sept 1696 for 133 Rijksdalers, to Intje Poetje ("free black"). (Cape Slave Deeds TN&S)

Pieter bought Cornelis, (from Galen) on 2 March 1723 for 100 Rijksdalers, from Johannes Kemp. (Cape Slave Deeds TN&S)
Pieter bought Februarij on 7 April 1723 for 230 Rijksdalers, from Paulus Artois. (Cape Slave Deeds TN&S)

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 Venters Who Have Made Their Mark

 There are several well known Venters. For example, Craig Venter in the USA (Genome Pioneer), but there's also Craig Venter in South Africa, son of Bill Venter, a well known business man in South Africa, and others...

 Venters Who Did Not Make Their Mark
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 Venter Facts and Fiction

 Not everything you read is true or correct, even if written by professionals. See here for some common misnomers...

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