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 Welcome to Christo on the Web...

How This Website Came About    

 I have created this website in 1998 for a totally different purpose than what you see now. In those days, it was more to put myself "on the map" (the Internet was still relatively young, particularly in South Africa) and it was the "in thing" to do at that stage. At the time, I published content in both Afrikaans and English and the target audience was small and medium sized businesses in South Africa. Those were the days about e-commerce and I offered content related to this.

 This changed about 2001, when I focused more on advice on  forensics and cybercrime and how to deal with it. Still, the idea was consulting to small and medium sized businesses. At that time, I also became interested in my ancestry, but had no idea on what to do. The information available online today (2010) was simply not there, or as freely available.

 During 2004 the "bug" got the better of me again and so, this website, in its current form, is the result of that.

 So, What Now?
  A lot more information about the origins of the Venter Family in South Africa came online, but I was surprised to find that references were made to only a few authors and researchers. And in many instances, these were in conflict with each other.
  Mostly, people (and these authors) quoted each other, or at best, other sources, but I could very seldom find references (and copies) to the actual source data.
  I became annoyed when I saw assumptions were taken as fact and even presented as such at "official" gatherings, publications and websites. More so, because I had source information, contradicting many of these assumptions.
  So, I've set out to publish what I have found, here, openly. This does not necessarily make me a popular person. Rather the opposite! Anyway, I am not saying all the information I provide is 100% correct, but those who say it is NOT, must please provide the source evidence accordingly, and I will gladly rectify and apologise for all to see...
 I want the truth (or as close as possible to the truth) about the Venter ancestry and this is my way of attempting to achieve that. So, I don't just believe what has been written, or is being said. I go check for myself. I have a few "partners" doing the same, and we support each other. And I share openly, unlike some other people.
 And to confirm my suspicions about the quality of the work published by Pama, read an extract published 14 April 2010 by eGSSA (Genesis 26, P4). There they confirm that Family Crests published by Pama were mostly incorrect and that N.H. Theunissen "thumb sucked" them!

 For authentic information about the Venter family, go to the Venter Community.

 What I am NOT!
  I am not a qualified researcher. I do this as a hobby.
  I am not the custodian of the Venter Family and I don't know everything.
  I am certainly not the authoritive source for everything Venter.
Venter Stuff  

 Where did the Venters come from, when and who are they?...

 Current Initiatives

 There are many initiatives on the go. Some by private individuals and others by research organisations. Do a DNA test and discover where you belong...

 Active and Knowledgeable Venters

 A lot of work has been done by Robert Venter (USA) and others. Don't do work that's already been done...

 Sites To Go To For Family Historical Data

 You can use Google to find information, or you can do a quick pick here and save some time...

 Some Venter Family Crests / Coat Of Arms

 You thought all the Venters have one uniform family crest? Think again. There are several...

 Venters Who Have Made Their Mark

 There are several well known Venters. For example, Craig Venter in the USA (Genome Pioneer), but there's also Craig Venter in South Africa, son of Bill Venter, a well known business man in South Africa, and others...

 Venters Who Did Not Make Their Mark
 Not every Venter did so well, though. Some went "the other way"...

 Venter Facts and Fiction

 Not everything you read is true or correct, even if written by professionals. See here for some common misnomers...

About Me  

 More info about me and how this site has evolved over the years. You will NOT find everything Venter related here. There's too much. Only those that I deemed interesting or important...

 Family Tree

 My own family tree in progress...

 Family Documents

 Copies of family documents. Maybe you are related to me...

 Historical Family Photos

 Old family photos that I could find...

 Privacy Policy

 I am committed to maintaining the privacy of your information and to safeguard your privacy online...

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 Events, Press Articles And Documents

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 Read some of my thoughts and comments...

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